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  • Applied Nanotech
  • ASME Nanotechnology Institute
  • Chelatech
  • Combimatrix USA
  • Eikos
  • IBM
  • Integrated Nanosystems
  • Molecular Diamond Technologies
  • Moores UCSD Cancer Center
  • Nanoexa
  • NanoInk
  • Nanomaterials Applications Center
  • NanoMEMS
  • Nanopharm
  • Nanospire
  • Nanostellar
  • NanoTumor Center
  • Optiva
  • PennWell
  • Silicon Graphics
  • UCSD Extensions

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Access :: Rocky Rawstern and associates

The Access Team works with industry analysts, investment bankers, community builders and knowledge management experts, each with extensive professional networks and subject matter expertise in a wide range of high technology industries and markets.

Our global network has deep domain expertise in industries impacted by nanotechnology, such as biotechnologies, clean technologies and advanced materials, and old technologies such as cement, coal, glass, mining, oil, water and others.

Our network includes gatekeepers and decision-makers in academic research, business, government and investment communities ranging from Australia & China to Silicon Valley & Switzerland.

Our focus is nanoscale materials and clean technologies, where we provide superior access to world class experts in immediate and related fields.

Nanotechnology enables clean energy and advanced technologies to
help solve global needs. Access enables you to ride the "nano" wave.

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Access :: Rocky Rawstern and associates

"Gives me daily updates on only the news I want, greatly reducing the time I spend doing research. I now have 3 to 4 extra hours per day to concentrate on what the news means, and how it will effect my clients."

I highly recommend this service.

~Rocky Rawstern
   Founder, Access


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